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ALYCE KHASDAY has been a featured biography in "Who's Who in America","Who's Who in American Women" since 1991, and soon to be featured personality in the 21st century edition of "Who's Who in the World".


INTERNATIONAL NEGOTIATOR: Khasday negotiated the joint-venture of two Fortune 500 companies for bringing telecommunications into India.


ENTREPRENEUR: Alyce Khasday is professional in business start-up and the penetration of highly competitive markets in launching new product lines. She has founded and incorporated many start-up companies. Alyce was President of Greenbelt Equities, Inc. a real estate firm that was formed to create and custom build unique residential and commercial structures to service the myriad needs of the prestigeous Hamptons Community in New York.


Alyce founded and was CEO of Kombucha Farms, Inc. She patented and trademarked, and distributed, an entirely new health beverage line for premiere supermarket chains such as D'Agostino and health food stores in the U.S. and in France's Les Galleries Layfayette. Kombucha Farms was the largest east coast producer and distributor of the finest health beverages in the world, Kombucha Kvass and Kombucha Kick. Alyce has extensive experience in marketing, sales, management, property management, product development and product positioning in international arenas.


WALL STREET WISE: Join the Winner's Circle and Trade to Win! Alyce Khasday is skilled in Advanced Technical Trading, she has mentored Advanced Trading Seminars, promoted Online Trading Expos and even created her own Stock Club Workshops. Alyce is currently a Forex Investment Coach.


CONSULTANT: Khasday is also noted for her highly developed intuitive capabilities. She co-created the television news series "Life After Life" featuring Mary Lou Henner and Dr. Brian Weiss, author of the worldwide bestselling book: "Many Lives, Many Masters". Khasday actually performed Past Life Regressive Hynotheraphy live on Channel 7 Eyewitness News... using the news anchor as a subject! She was the Psychic on Staff and the consultant and content program business advisor for American Women in Radio and Television (AWTR). She has also appeared on DONAHUE, BBC Canada and Eyewitness News New York. Khasday is especially noted for her psychic business guidance counseling.



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